athlete’s foot how to relieve the symptoms, cure the infection and prevent it in the future

Athlete’s foot is actually a fungal infection. It can spread to other parts of the body, including the groin. On other parts of the body, it is known by different names, including tinea. It may also be referred to as ringworm, although the ring-shaped rash is not usually present when it affects the feet.
Symptoms include:
? itching,? flaking,? cracking and ? pain as the conditions becomes worse.
A secondary bacterial infection can occur if treatment is delayed. Swelling and inflammation may occur, especially if the skin cracks and raw tissue is exposed.
? What is the Cause?
The cause is a fungus called Trichophyton. The infection is contagious. The fungi can live on surfaces other than the body. It thrives in warm moist environments. So, contact with the fungus typically occurs in locker rooms, public showers and bathhouses. It may also be transmitted from one person to another when footwear, clothing or towels are shared.
? How to Relieve the Symptoms of Athletes Foot
After bathing, you should dry the feet carefully and apply a good body lotion. Allow the body lotion to dry, before putting on socks and shoes.
Some lotions have natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal activity. These compounds relieve itching, pain and inflammation. They promote healing and reduce the risk of secondary bacterial infection.
The benefits are due to specific ingredients like:
? Active manuka honey, ? Functional Keratin and? Vitamin B5.
A good Body Lotion contains all of the above ingredients.
? How to Cure the Infection